Holistic, sculpting & relaxing facials. Results-oriented facial massage.
All of my services are personalized to fit your skin goals and concerns. I only use organic, natural and conscious skin care products with a preference towards sustainable packaging. Monthly facials are recommended for optimal results. Pick out how long of a facial you desire and your treatment will be fully customized.

40 minutes: $7060 Minutes: $10575 Minutes: $13090 Minutes $155

I am currently manually booking all appointments.
To request an appointment please text or email me. Thank you!

Text: 507-774-0442

Email: andrea@theorganicescape.com

If you need product, you may purchase online and schedule a time for product pickup or simply contact me to make a purchase.

Tools & Techniques of the Treatment Room

I believe in an integrative approach to skincare. To me, this means using both Eastern and Western methods together to create a result-oriented facial with mindful organic ingredients. The skin can be a reflection of what’s going on in your life internally and externally. This can be anything from how your body absorbs nutrients or unresolved emotions. Everything is connected and skincare goes much deeper than the skin itself.

Stress can wreak havoc on the skin by altering certain hormones so I believe in centering the mind and providing a relaxing environment. My facials are slow, mindful, and intentional. (Yin rather than our constant state of yang). Your skin is always changing and adapting to stress, medication, and the environment so your needs will be re-evaluated each visit. If there is any way I can customized your treatment to your liking, please let me know.

Below is a list and explanation of techniques and tools I use:

Cancellation Policy

Please give a minimum 24-hour notice of cancellation. As last-minute cancellations are excusable once- because after all, life happens and I understand- but after 2 last-minute cancellations, I may require you to pay for 1/2 your service in advance to hold your spot. This ensures a spot for every client and allows me to fill your time slot if you do need to reschedule. If you are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, have a low-grade fever, have been traveling, or have been exposed, we respectfully require that you move your appointment to at least 10 days after being symptom-free.