Our skin is durable and unique, so are these shirts. Each piece is designed and created with love and intention. They represent the diversity of skin tones and conditions of every human. 

TUFF SKIN symbolizes the mental battles that beauty standards impose. To be confident and fearless in our own skin takes courage. Someone is always going to have sh*t to say, but shame and judgment have no place in skincare. Let’s instead focus on what nourishes our soul and manifest that glow from within. 

Honor and love your skin, all the perceived “imperfections” and comparisons. Express gratitude for it withstanding the tiktok fads and bottles of St. Ives Apricot Scrub before we knew better. We’re all on this journey of discovering what our skin needs and loves.  

The angel number 444 is displayed on every item. It serves a reminder that we’re divinely protected, like how our skin protects us from all the toxins and challenges faced every day.

Stay tuned for new handmade items that will be uploaded on this page every few weeks. For updates on releases, please follow my Instagram Stories @tuffskinapparel

Thank you for being here and taking interest in TUFF SKIN APPAREL. 


-All shirts start as blank black or white shirts. White shirts are hand dyed and black shirts are reversed dyed and toned with special colors.

-I use the brand Rit for all dying solutions. Rit products are vegan, not tested on animals, and develops theirs products to be safe for you, your home, your pets and the environment.

-All shirts are washed with mild detergent and dried as a part of the dying process

-The t-shirts are 100% cotton and the sweatshirts are 80% cotton, 20% polyester.

-All prints are made of Cricut Everyday Heat Press Vinyl.

-Garments are sourced from ethical warehouses in Los Angeles.

-CARE: Wash all garments with like inside out with cold water. Dry on low or tumble dry only. Vinyls are meant to outlast 50 washes if they are cared for.

All of my services are personalized to fit your skin goals and concerns. I only use organic, natural and conscious skin care products with a preference towards sustainable packaging.

Monthly facials are recommended for optimal results.

Purchase a 3 pack of any facial and get 15% off.

Skin Care Services

All facials include a double cleanse and final hydration.

Cleanse & Infuse

Ultra-Sonic Skin Cleansing. Custom Exfoliation. Extractions. Oxygen Hydration Infusion. Hydrojelly™ Mask.

60 minutes / $115

Sculpt & Release

Herbal Steam. Honey Tapping with Hibiscus Mud Mask. Nuface Microcurrent Treatment. Sculpting Facial Massage. Gua Sha. Neck Stretch.

50 min / $115

Eminence Organics Fruit Peel Facial

Herbal Steam. Custom Eminence Exfoliation. Extractions. High Frequency. Eminence Mask. Eye + Lip Treatment. Hydojelly™ Mask. Facial Massage.

70 min / $155

Apoterra Holistic Facial Ritual

Honey Tapping. Custom Herbal Exfoliation. Sculpting Facial Massage. Oxygen Infusion. Hydrojelly™ Mask. Other techniques may be used.

90 Min / $195

Focused Facial Reflexology

Yin/Yang Rollers. Express Reflexology Balance or Lymph Protocol.

40 Min / $80

Balancing Multireflexology Facial

Herbal Steam. Honey Tapping. Balancing Facial Reflexology Protocol. Décolletage Mask. Yin/ Yang Rollers & Tools. Custom Mask.

70 Minutes / $155

Tools & Techniques of the Treatment Room

I believe in an integrative approach to skincare. To me, this means using both Eastern and Western methods together to create a result oriented facial with mindful organic ingredients. The skin can be a reflection of what’s going on in your life internally and externally. This can be anything from how your body absorbs nutrients or unresolved emotions. Everything is connected and skincare goes much deeper than the skin itself.

Stress can wreck havoc on the skin by altering certain hormones so I believe in centering the mind and providing a relaxing environment. Your skin is always changing and adapting to stress, medication, and the environment so your needs will be re-evaluated each visit. If there is anyway I can customized your treatment to your liking, please let me know.

Below is a list and explanation of techniques and tools I use: